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It has some finish wear on the grips and some handling marks. 38 Special revolver made by Taurus that is the perfect blend of lightweight and durability. The Taurus Model Number Lookup System will help you find detailed information about your Taurus Gun. 38 Special Model 85 Taurus 38 Special Model 85. · Rumors of a multi-caliber revolver being introduced at the SHOT Show are true. The Model 85 is yet another fantastic. 45acp on the right.

What is the weight of a 38 Special revolver? 357 Magnum (Model 65), this medium frame, 6-shot revolver features comfortable rubber grips and a deep, lustrous finish. 38 Special 4" Barrel Blued Revolver. Taurus Model 85 Poly Protector (17) Taurus Mod. The Model 85 is available with either 2" or 3" barrels, is capable of firing +P rated.

Sell your Taurus 856 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Don&39;t forget to pick up a Bulldog Extreme Side Holster for only . I am trading a Makarov for it.

625” Barrel Length: 2” Action: DA/SA MSRP: 5. · Taurus has NEVER made a Model 85 /. 99; Brand: Taurus; Item Number:PFS; Taurus Model 850.

Taurus Model 85 Protector 38 Special +P Polymer-Frame Revolver with Stainless Cylinder 8. Say hello to the Taurus 692. Overall Length: 6. Taurus Model 85B2 revolver. 6 out of 5 stars 243 . 38 Special View All Calibers By Type Handguns Rifles Shotguns NFA Items Muzzleloaders Left Handed View All Firearm Types.

checked serial number on the Taurus web site it says number dosn&39;t exist. Will it damage the gun? The first group gave me hope. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. 357 from Taurus which will fill three roles for me, as a bedside gun, field gun, and possible used as a hunting gun. When I first got it out of the torn, worn taped up black box I wondered what it was going to look like.

856 38 SPECIAL +P Anodized Burned Orange Color. 38 Special +P capability making them powerful, easy to carry and lightning-quick to use. Browse an array of pistols and revolvers, chambered in 22 LR, 38 Special, 357 Mag. 38 Special +P Capacity: 7 Weight (unloaded): 21 oz. 8 (UL) Serrated Ramp Fixed Rubber Blue or Stainless. 94-V2 Ultra-Lite Blue (14) Taurus PT111 Gen. Manuals and Logbooks. 38 Special loads from a.

· The cylinder on the Taurus 856 is closer in size to a Colt D-frame (1. Models manufactured after 1997 feature the Taurus Security System, which consists of a keyed, quarter-turn style socket-head screw which can be set to prevent the hammer from pivoting back into the frame. 38 Special with a 4″ inch barrel. Shop online For 38 Special pistols and revolvers from top brands. Combined with the full grips the gun is more than just a point and shoot emergency revolver.

5" twist 5 round capacity Taurus Security System and transfer bar safety Single/double-action Rubber grips Small steel frame Blue finish Fixed sights 4. 22 Long Rifle 12 Gauge. First, a spring-loaded center pin passes through and projects out the rear of the ejector rod, and when the cylinder is closed, the pin enters a recess in the recoil plate to hold the cylinder in place.

346" wide Weighs 21 ounces It&39;s no wonder the 85s are Taurus&39; most popular family. These Brazilian-made Ultralite revolvers are ergonomic, powerful, and sexy. 38 Special Revolvers Build. The Model 692 is a revolver that is chambered in. OUT OF STOCK (93) Taurus 627SS4 M627 Tracker 7RD.

38 Special rounds, and utilizes a transfer bar safety. Buy a Taurus 856 online. Phone:Fax: (305. I do some shooting with it, discuss it&39;s features, and how it&39;. Taurus Model 82. Shop for the best-selling handguns from Taurus, including taurus the Judge, 1911, Spectrum, TH40, G2C, TX22, and more.

38 Special Revolvers (58 Products) Filter By. Is Taurus Model 85 stainless steel? · Contrary to my usual practice, I fired all these groups single action, because the 15 pound DA trigger on the Taurus was just proving to be a real problem (more on that later).

· The View 38 special taurus model 85b2 manual is based upon Taurus’ tried-and-true Model 85, a solid frame design in which the cylinder is locked into the frame at two points. 38 Special Handguns for Sale - Rossi, Smith & Wesson, Taurus Sling Swivels and Plates. DA/SA DA/SA DAO DA/SA 2" / 3" 6. I dry fire the crap out of my S&W revolvers and just wanted to make sure it was fine to due so with this particular gun before I did it on the way home. What is the code for a Taurus 85? ItemULC13: Frame Size: Small: Capacity: 6 rds. 0 out of 5 stars 7.

Shop online for the best selection and prices of Taurus handguns and pistols at Hinterland Outfitters. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but in about an hour I am going to drive an hour or so to pick up my third Taurus, a Model 85 38 Special +P UltraLite Titanium. Is this bad for the firearm? Im new here just got a new pt1911 today it has a slide with no markings on it at all manual but the serial number and the small Taurus marking on left side and 1911. 446″), so I wonder if you would have better luck with holsters for the Detective Special and the like. All Model 85’s have been 2 and 3 inch barrels and the 3 inch barrel was discontinued some time ago.

Please note that specific information may not be available, especially on older models. 357 Magnum wheelgun. 38 Special +P (Model 82) or. Overall this revolver is in fair condition. For the 856, Taurus widened the cylinder by. The Taurus 85 is heavier than the Airweight.

As most shooters know, you can shoot. Taurus ~ 85 ~ 38 SPC. Taurus 856 for sale and auction. In previous years of my sixgun collecting times I, very foolishly, overlooked the Taurus Models.

38 Special +P caliber 2" barrel 6 grooves 1:16. I highly recommend any Taurus revolver – their reliability and simplicity can’t be beat for the affordable price. 40″ for the Colts) than a S&W K-frame (1. It&39;s no wonder the 85s are the most popular revolver in the Taurus family. PT111 G2 (34) Taurus New Mod. I want to use this type of ammo for self-defense. One that&39;s over 20 years old. Taurus - 856UL/CH, 38 Special, 2" Barrel, Fixed Sights, Conceal.

When it comes to durability, modernity, and feature-laden revolvers, Taurus’ are some of the best on the market. With a choice of either 38 Special +P or 357 Magnum, the versatile 6-shot Taurus 65 is the perfect go-to self-defense revolver. See more results. Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM (EST) Call Us:or. With a choice of.

I don&39;t know how much this 20 38 special taurus model 85b2 manual year old revolver weighs, but it would be more towards the weight of a Ruger SP101. 38 Special six-shooter. Great deals on Taurus Gun Manuals.

Is this firearm rated for +P ammo? I bought PMC +P hollowpoint ammunition. handicraftgrips T2M01 New Taurus Model 85 M 85 M85.

The stainless steel construction adds heft to it that the alloy 38 special taurus model 85b2 manual of the Airweight lacks. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Is Taurus 85 heavier than Ruger SP101? This firearm is a Taurus 85 chambered in. Taurus Model 85 Specs: Model: 85B2 Caliber:. To my astonishment, what appeared to be a brand new stainless steel revolver emerged.

Stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your pistol too. 38 Special 2" 2 inch Grips White Pearl Resin Smooth Handmade Handcraft Engraved Birthday Gift Fathers Day Sport for Men Man Design 3. Cardini Leather USA -IWB Ultra Soft Leather Holster - for S&W Bodyguard 38 Special, M&P 340, Taurus 85 - and Other Snub Nose Revolvers - Inside The Waistband with Clip 4. ·. A pitted, beat-up looking Model 80 with a four-inch barrel.

1 inch and modified the lockwork to produce a light compact. Taurus Model 85. · I recently purchased a secondhand Model 85 Taurus. Click for more info.

· A few years ago Taurus introduced the 856 revolver, a six-shot variant of their popular model 85, which was a five-shot revolver with a two inch barrel similar in size to the Smith & Wesson J-Frame. 38 Special revolver, manufactured in Brazil, and imported by CAI. Falling in with that incorrect line of thinking that the Taurus was a cheap copy of the S&W Models. Taurus USA Headquarters. Beautiful smooth blue finish.

38 Special, Stainless Steel 20 Year Old Revolver. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Boasting a comfortable rubber grip, and a deep, lustrous finish, the 65 features fixed sights, a spurred hammer and a custom Single Action/Double Action trigger for improved accuracy and speed.

41″ for the 856 vs 1. 38 Special Revolver: Polymer Protector Scott W. This is a report on a Taurus Model 85 stainless steel revolver. Seller: Cabelas Sidney. The Federal WC is a famously accurate load, and out of the Taurus is shot under 3 inches, coming in at 2.

I also purchased factory reloaded (full metal jacket) ammunition for practise at the firing range. In fact, I’m keeping room in 85b2 the safe for a M66. Taurus packs them with a combination of customer-requested features and pairs them with the. The gun, a Taurus Model 85 is in the J-Frame size range. With the first purchase, on a whim, at a gunshow, I purchased my 38 special taurus model 85b2 manual first Taurus (Aug. 38 Special (snubby with 2" barrel). Targets and Accessories. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on “Search” to identify your model.

We also carry 38 Special ammunition. OUT OF STOCK (4) Taurus Judge 410/45LC 3 5RD. This article and video is to show off a gun that is unique to me because of where it came from. Taurus revolvers are a longtime favorite of security personnel and perfect for Homeland Defense Forces. Taurus re-released the six shot 856 38 Special revolver and I&39;ve had mine in for a few months.

38 special taurus model 85b2 manual

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